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Energy Management Systems

mechanical-roomToday, no matter what type of heating and cooling system that you use, or the type of building that it is used in, there is a control scheme available to help manage the costs of heating and cooling while at the same time maintaining indoor comfort levels.

It can be as simple as a programmable thermostat, or, a more complex optimum start stop control.

Recently, the concerns of environmental impact are driving technology advances in energy management creating confusion as to what is the best approach? How much does it cost? How much will it save?

The answers to these questions are not as simple as it may seem, there are many considerations that must be taken into account before they can be answered.

  • Size and type of building
  • Type of system
  • What outcome is realistic, etc.

mechanical-room-2Our approach is to look at a project with both comfort and energy reduction in mind because ultimately the most environmentally friendly and energy reduction is to not turn the system on, so, we find an affordable solution with the best of both worlds.

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